The Pre Season Remodeling

Casa Tortuga underwent HUGE transformations at the end of the summer in preparation of the 2014 season. Check out this huge list of projects that were done to beautify and fix up the place just for your future visit!!

  • Complete Bathroom Overhaul
    • new shower tile, plumbing and fixtures
    • new toilet
    • new bathroom sink & counter
    • new taller brick wall extension for more privacy
    • tiled bathroom floors
  • Complete Kitchen Overhaul
    • installed a new sink and new tile countertops to replace the cement
    • built a refrigerator stand and oven nook
    • purchased new bar stools for counter dining
    • refinished old table and bought new gorgeous wood chairs that match
    • removed a tree post coming up through the kitchen floor – crazy, right!?!
  • Updated Windows
    • painted the rusty bars
    • added screens to all the windows
  • New Tile Flooring (no more cracked blue cement!!)
  • Installed bamboo to complete the partial interior wall design
  • Expanded cement seating base to accommodate twin mattress for versatile couch bed option

Check out all these gnarly before & after pictures!!


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